Hanse Orga Establishes Payment Routes to Asia, the UK and US

Hanse Orga, together with its client Dialog Semiconductors and in co-operation with HSBC, has developed direct and cost-efficient payment routes to Asia, the UK and US. Dialog Semiconductor is one of the fastest growing European producers of semiconductors.

With the joint solution, Hanse Orga and HSBC are the first to offer a fast and favourable connection for global payments to the mentioned regions. The payment methods are all fully integrated in Hanse Orga’s FinanceSuite Payment Management and are available to all Hanse Orga clients that are using its SAP-certified software solution.

Stephan Benkendorf, board member of Hanse Orga, said: “We are glad to be able to create ideal conditions for European corporates to efficiently and securely process their global payments via this intelligent connection. Countries such as Korea, China and Thailand can now be easily connected. This joint solution is unique in the market. Our client Dialog Semiconductor was an important instigator for the enhancement of the FinanceSuite Payment Management.”


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