WorldPay Launches Advanced RFI and Chargeback Management Platform

WorldPay, a payment processing, risk and alternative payments company, has launched Dispute Management System (DMS), which automates the monitoring and processing of requests for information (RFI) and chargebacks, saving merchants considerable time and resource.

DMS is a secure chargeback management platform that allows merchants to respond to issuer-initiated chargeback and RFI requests. As merchants contend with customer-not-present (CNP) fraud, DMS is an integral solution that facilitates efficient chargeback management, reduces issuer penalty fees, and helps prevent merchant online account suspension.

Phil McGriskin, chief product officer (CPO), WorldPay, said: “The management of RFIs and chargebacks is time-intensive for merchants and requires considerable expertise and resource to handle manually. DMS is a major step forward in automating this process, reducing the amount of resource required to deal with such requests, all through a secure and customisable platform. WorldPay works closely with merchants to fully understand their fraud requirements and the DMS has been developed in response to these needs, providing merchants with the most advanced acquiring and support services.”


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