SIA Central Europe Focuses on Innovation in Payment Services

SIA Central Europe is focusing on innovation in payment services, and more specifically on the development of electronic payments (e-payments), mobile payments (m-payments), near field communication (NFC) technology and convenient, fast solutions that reduce the use of cash and simplify the life of citizens.

Massimo Arrighetti, chief executive officer (CEO) of SIA, said: “As SIA Group, we strongly believe that innovation can play a fundamental role in the spread of payment services that are more secure and convenient than cash for citizens. Furthermore, innovation contributes to the growth and competitiveness of banks, corporates and public administration bodies and, in turn, of the entire country.”

On the wider European front, SIA is involved in Target 2-Securities, for which it was granted the network service provider license by the European Central Bank (ECB). SIA is particularly active in the area of e-payments, for which it is developing services for access to MyBank, the EBA Clearing pan-European initiative for online purchases through the users’ own home banking application, the trial for which starts in Italy at the beginning of June, and which will subsequently be extended to other countries.

“By the end of the year, SIA is also planning to inaugurate a new technology hub in Frankfurt, which will go to join the London hub, forming part of the SIA Financial Ring that enables customers to optimise access times to the major European stock exchanges,” said Arrighetti.


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