Growing BIAN Community Continues to Drive Banking Standards Collaboration

The Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) has added four new members to its international community, as well as three partnerships with existing recognised standards bodies. ABN Amro, the Dutch bank; the Argentinean Banco Galicia; UBS, a Swiss global financial services company; and the French publisher of integrated software packages, SAB, are the latest members to join the BIAN network, collaborating on standards for service oriented architecture (SOA) in the banking industry.

The addition of ABN AMRO, Banco Galicia, SAB and UBS brings BIAN’s total network membership to 31 members, comprised of 14 banks and 17 system integrators and software vendors. These industry participants collaborate within the unique BIAN community, working to define and set the de facto IT standards for banking interoperability, in order to help banks significantly reduce their IT integration costs which are as much as triple the purchase costs of the original software.

Eduardo Agra, chief information officer (CIO), Banco Galicia, said: “Banco Galicia was the first Argentine bank to offer mobile payments and an internet portal to its customers – we adopt revolutionary technology, to enhance our customers’ banking experiences. We recognise this pioneering trait in BIAN through its pursuit of global SOA banking standards. Using BIAN’s SOA standards will speed up the time-to-market for new products from Banco Galicia, keeping us at the top of our game with regards to customer service and retention.”


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