Fitch Solutions Expands CDS Pricing Service

Fitch Solutions has expanded its Credit Derivative Swaps (CDS) Pricing Service to provide greater transparency within the global credit derivatives market. The service now includes single name CDS derived bid-offer spreads and CDS benchmark curves that show average CDS values by rating level, industry sector and region.

Fitch’s CDS Pricing Service already includes ABCDS Pricing, Loan CDS Pricing, CDS Benchmarking, CDS liquidity Scores and CDS Spread Indices which, in addition to the new derived bid-offer spreads and benchmark curves, are all delivered to users in a single standardised feed via Fitch’s Integrated Data Service (IDS).

“The introduction of Fitch’s CDS benchmark curves has helped our clients to perform more effective peer analysis of the most illiquid names in their portfolios, bringing further transparency to the price discovery and risk management process,” said Sabine Alvarez, executive director content, vwd group, who first subscribed to Fitch Solutions’ CDS Pricing Service in November 2009.


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