YESpay Launches Dynamic Currency Conversion for Integrated POS

YESpay’s EMBOSS-managed EMV chip and PIN payment service has launched Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) as a standard part of its EasyV-Retail payment client software that integrates into any PC-based point-of-sale (POS) retail system. The EasyV-Retail payment client is now integrated with both DCC and Tax Free Shopping functionality that brings a win-win situation for retailers, as well as their overseas shoppers.

DCC is an effective way to help differentiate any high-end retail business in a crowded marketplace, increasing the ability to attract and retain international travellers by providing them with a closer home purchasing experience. It is ideal for high-value item retailers who operate in areas with significant flow of international travellers throughout the year or seasonally.

Rohit Patni, executive vice president (EVP) sales and marketing at YESpay International, said: “DCC is a very interesting proposition for overseas shoppers as well as for merchants. Merchants are able to earn up to 1% extra margin on their foreign-card transactions, and at the same time, foreign shoppers can obtain their tax-free refund receipts automatically at the POS.”


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