MyTreasury Chooses Fitch Solutions for Credit Risk Data

MyTreasury, an electronic trading platform for treasury investors, has chosen Fitch’s Credit Ratings and Credit Default Swap (CDS) Implied Ratings Data as new credit risk data inputs to help MyTreasury clients better understand their counterparty risk exposure.

Through their MyTreasury trading platform, clients will have access to a data feed of Fitch Ratings’ credit ratings, watches and outlooks, as well as 35 years of historical rating actions for up to 3,000 financial institutions across the UK and Europe. This fundamental credit risk data is combined with Fitch Solutions’ CDS Implied Ratings, which use daily CDS market quotes to derive an implied rating for the same universe of financial institutions.

“Counterparty risk remains a key issue for treasury investors in money market funds and FX [foreign exchange] and we are committed to providing our clients with timely and objective insights into the direction of credit risk,” said Justin Meadows, chief executive officer (CEO) at MyTreasury. “We believe the combination of Fitch’s long-term fundamental credit ratings with its shorter-term market-based CDS implied ratings will help our clients to make more informed risk management decisions on their trading counterparties.”


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