Nestlé Expands Transactis E-billing Payment Relationship

Nestlé has decided to implement Transactis’ BillerIQ solution already in place at Nestlé USA in its Nestlé Water division. Nestlé USA has been working with Transactis since 2010 to give its customers, specifically food and beverage distributors, the ability to view and pay invoices online. Customers that previously could not support an electronic data interchange (EDI) process now have a means of viewing invoices online and making electronic payments (e-payments). In addition to providing an alternative for customers who could not receive invoices via EDI, the solution supports Nestlé’s green initiatives to reduce paper.

The improved electronic billing (e-billing) and e-payment adoption that Nestlé USA has witnessed since implementing BillerIQ, in conjunction with the positive working relationship between Nestlé and Transactis, has led to the decision to bring the BillerIQ solution to Nestlé Water. The BillerIQ solution will alleviate miscommunications between customers and accounts receivable (A/R) departments about not receiving invoices and reduce Nestlé’s days sales outstanding (DSO). Additionally, the solution will lessen the workload required to print, fold and mail invoices, and eliminate post office lead time involved with mailing an invoice.


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