Polaris Launches Intellect FABX on iPad

Polaris Financial Technology, a global financial technology (FT) company, has launched Intellect Financial Advisor Business eXchange (FABX), a financial advisor workstation, on the iPad. Intellect FABX’s customer engagement solution will change the way financial advisors engage with clients in result-oriented conversations. The solution empowers the advisor with a single point interface offering a 360-degree view of the client, to manage rising core system complexities thereby increasing productivity by up to 30%.

Intellect FABX was launched during an event at the Harvard Club of New York City as part of Polaris’ FT Innovation series. The series is an initiative spearheaded by the FT research team at Polaris, which aims to drive innovation across the organisation and establish partnerships in academia to address critical business challenges and generate customer value and is therefore fundamental to Polaris’ FT leadership.

Arun Jain, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO), Polaris, said: “The financial world is moving from transactions to conversations. Financial advisors therefore need to be enabled with not just comprehensive views of their customer, but a superior interaction layer and analytics that can help them take smart decisions, quickly. With classic ‘design thinking’ in action, FABX on iPad is the solution for customer-centricity.”


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