CashFlows Launches E-invoicing Solution

CashFlows, part of the Voice Commerce group, has launched an electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) tool which can be linked to a business’ merchant bank account. Businesses using e-invoicing can improve their business cash flow by up to 70%, according to the company.

The solution, which comes fully integrated into the CashFlows Account, is designed to save businesses time and money. It allows businesses to send out invoices electronically and provides customers with the ability to settle invoices by paying over the phone, online using their credit or debit card, or by VoicePay, CashFlows’ biometric m-commerce payment solution.

Nick Ogden, chief executive officer (CEO) of CashFlows, said: “We are incredibly pleased to be providing businesses with this fully integrated e-invoicing solution which is proving to be another valuable tool in improving a business’ cash flow. As the first financial services company to bring such a product to market, CashFlows is providing a unique service, further illustrating that CashFlows is a true alternative to the high street banks. The top banking providers are still not offering innovative solutions to UK businesses and this needs to be addressed.”


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