Logica Launches Mass Data Billing System

Logica, in co-operation with SAP AG, Software AG and DigitalRoute, has launched a mass data billing (MDB) system that enables organisations to increase revenue while reducing their total cost of doing business by deploying a usage-based billing approach.

The MDB system is available via a multi-tenant, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, through which users access the system remotely over the internet. It aims to solve the many unique billing and compensation challenges – such as issues related to mass data collection, transactional volumes and varying tariffs – faced by clients in industries including telecommunications, utilities, transportation and logistics.

“Billing is a hot topic. We see many clients looking to consolidate platforms, reduce costs including revenue leakage and to align their costs with their revenues,” said Andrew De Cleyn, outsourcing global strategy director at Logica. “In addition, businesses wish to re-purpose their billing systems to provide agility in the market place, launch new products and give their customers consolidated invoicing around the multiple products they wish to bring to market.”


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