Payatrader Launches Card Acceptance Services to Small Businesses has launched a low-cost card processing solution specifically designed for the micro and small business market. This follows a pilot across a broad range of trades, including builders, carpet cleaners, locksmiths, pest control, window cleaners, mobile mechanics and decorators.

Aimed at small and sole traders, including the professions, Payatrader enables these previously underserviced groups to accept card payments on a pay-as-you-go basis, and at the same time gives small businesses the multi-channel payment functionality expected by larger retailers.

Bill Thomson, managing director and co-founder of Payatrader, developed Payatrader to address a gap in the market for a “low-cost, no financial commitment” card acceptance service. Until now, accepting card payments has not been economically attractive for small traders because the associated monthly and minimum usage charges were disproportionate to the small trader’s volume of transactions. This has meant that these groups, typically card users as consumers, have had to rely on payment by cheque or cash in their businesses – and deal with problems such as delayed, missing and failed payments.


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