Broadridge Extends Gloss to Include Exchange-traded Options

Broadridge Financial Solutions is extending the range of multi-asset processing capabilities of Gloss, its multi-currency trade processing and settlement solution, to include post-execution transaction processing for exchange-traded options. This enhancement will allow banks and brokers to focus operations of an even wider variety of asset classes on a single platform and to benefit from more streamlined processing and greater business control.

Gloss can model and process a wide range of exchange-traded options (currency, equity, index, and interest rate futures) and provide full functionality for trade capture, position-keeping, exercise (both manual and automatic) and assignment, the automation of close-out and end of day settlement, and provide additional support for the margin calculations and interfaces as required by brokers.

“Derivatives are now fully integrated into the investment process and we see an increased focus for industry participants to extend coverage to their client base,” said Robin Kneale, head of strategy and product management, securities processing solutions, international, Broadridge. “We continue to meet our commitment to provide enhanced functionality within Gloss’ technology, and enable our clients and prospects to benefit from highly efficient process management of multiple asset classes through a centralised operational view.”

Gloss’ functionality for exchange-traded options will be available for general release in April 2012.


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