Access Receivables Uses SunGard’s Predictive Metrics for Statistical Scoring

Access Receivables, an accounts receivable (A/R) collection agency focused on first and third party collections for educational, insurance, telecom and commercial debt, has selected SunGard’s AvantGard Predictive Metrics for statistical scoring. The solution will help Access Receivables efficiently prioritise bad debt collections in order to help achieve higher rates of debt recovery for their clients and increase liquidations and cost efficiencies.

Access Receivables will use the predictive power of placement data to determine not only the propensity of accounts to pay, but also the expected dollar amount in order to help increase their liquidations and gain more accurate payment forecasting. AvantGard Predictive Metrics will help the company enhance debt collections programmes for their clients by helping them more accurately prioritise accounts and identify the type of collection strategy to apply.

Tom Gillespie, president Access Receivables, said: “Access Receivables prides itself on introducing innovative solutions like statistical modelling into its collections programmes. A determining factor in our selection of SunGard’s AvantGard Predictive Metrics was the complimentary validation analysis performed on one of our most successful portfolios. The analysis demonstrated strong segmented results, thereby proving that they work and are accurate. Statistical modelling will help us reduce our dependency on credit bureau data and instead use debtor payment behaviour data to help provide our clients with the highest rate of debt recovery.”


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