Thomson Reuters Launches Accelus Compliance Manager

Thomson Reuters Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) has launched Accelus Compliance Manager, a single platform that allows firms to track, monitor and understand regulatory changes and connect them to their internal compliance process and workflow. The platform combines Thomson Reuters global regulatory intelligence with its software platform for GRC.

Thomson Reuters Accelus Compliance Manager was created in response to customer feedback and is designed to connect the five key stages of compliance identified by Thomson GRC: understand, evaluate and map regulatory risk; identify, monitor and track regulatory change; define and communicate controls; monitor, test and audit controls; and evidence risk controls to management and regulators.

“The compliance manager’s workflow has reached saturation point. Our customers are hit with thousands of regulatory developments each year and traditional manual approaches are no longer viable,” said Andrew Neblett, senior vice president (SVP), compliance, audit and risk, Thomson Reuters GRC. “Budget constraints also mean departments are continually being squeezed to do more with less. Accelus Compliance Manager will help them support the oversight and operation of their enterprise-wide compliance programmes across the business, and deliver improvements in corporate governance, regulatory compliance and the ability to achieve their business objectives faster.”


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