ITV Streamlines Treasury Processes with Bottomline’s SWIFT Access Service

ITV, a large UK commercial television network, has implemented Bottomline’s SWIFT Access Service to improve its cash reporting and integrated end-to-end treasury processes. ITV can now increase levels of treasury automation, improve efficiency and lower operational risk.

Bottomline’s SWIFT Access Service offers connectivity to the SWIFT network, helping corporations and financial institutions to streamline their payments processes and achieve lower costs, improve straight-through processing, tighten security and lessen operational risk in their cash management strategy. As a subscription and transaction-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, the platform enables rapid implementation and return on investment without requiring the customer to host software, develop costly internal infrastructure or hire internal SWIFT experts.

“The treasury project has enabled us to automate time consuming manual processes such as accounting and reconciliation and free up our resources to focus on resolving exceptions. By adding SWIFT connectivity to our treasury management system, we have benefited from greater operational efficiency and lower levels of risk. It has allowed us to develop and roll out better treasury controls whilst improving the ease and convenience with which we make our payments,” said Karen Fagan, treasury back office manager, ITV.


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