Taxand Opens Office in South Africa

Taxand, the world’s largest global organisation of tax advisors to multinational businesses, has welcomes ENS as Taxand South Africa. Taxand South Africa ENS, is the 50th Taxand location worldwide and the organisation’s first in Africa.

As a regional hub for a large number of multinational clients operating across the continent, South Africa is a key jurisdiction for Taxand. Moreover because the South African market has been less affected by the international economic crisis than many other countries, it is experiencing a growth in corporate inward investment. Additionally the introduction of new tax policies and draft tax proposals designed to stimulate the manufacturing industry, means that the need for local tax expertise, as well as cross-border advice, is high.

Bernard Du Plessis, partner, Taxand South Africa ENS, said: “Joining Taxand is a great achievement and will allow us to expand our tax practice and in particular our experience in advising in Africa, to a global market. We are committed to working with Taxanders in Europe, Asia and the Americas on cross-border tax issues, for both current and future clients.”


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