Citi Named US GAS’s Government-wide Provider to Streamline Transportation Payments

The US General Services Administration (GSA) has selected Citi to support the launch of a new service, PayPort Express, to help federal agencies streamline the management of transportation payables. PayPort Express eliminates manual processes by automating the complex audit, approval and payment requirements associated with transportation-related expenses. This processing and payment capability is a key component to modernising GSA’s end-to-end transportation solution and enhances strategic sourcing.

Launched 1 November 2011, PayPort Express uses Citi’s global supply chain network in partnership with Syncada, a specialised payment platform for managing transportation payables. PayPort Express delivers to US federal agencies a web-based system for automating transportation audit and payment processes, removing manual labour and paper from the work environment, as well as enhancing the vigour and accuracy of payment and accounting. Additionally, the electronic service delivers robust data mining to help agency shippers elevate visibility into their supply chain. The invoice and payment review, negotiation and approval steps are also improved through online collaboration between agencies and shippers.

“We are excited about our mission to help government manage transportation services more efficiently and source more strategically. We listened to our customers and through PayPort Express federal agencies will be able to consolidate and manage freight expenses, reduce costs and are already gaining visibility into spend through data management enhancements,” said Tim Burke, director office of travel and transportation services, GSA.


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