World Finance Launches Capital Allowances Portal

With rising costs and limited liquidity, business finances are under pressure. For finance departments, now is the time to make their capital work harder. With that in mind, World Finance has launched the Capital Allowances microsite, providing the essential guide to savings available through this niche tax law, with the help of industry experts Lovell Consulting.

Backed by this expert knowledge, the microsite provides a gateway to the complex regulations that can be used by businesses to save money. Offering an insight into the basics of capital allowances and its terrain, World Finance has also used Lovell Consulting’s expertise.

Lovell Consulting exclusively specialises in capital allowances. It was one of the first independent firms to totally specialise and combine surveying and tax professionals under one roof. It advises across industries, clients and tax jurisdictions. Clients range from a small furnished holiday let to large power station facilities.


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