Citi Launches Latin American Trade Desk in Asia

Citi’s Global Transaction Services (GTS) has launched a Latin America trade desk in Asia. Based in Shanghai, China, the new trade desk will serve as a link for Latin American clients to Asia.

The specific needs of importers and exporters, as well as market practices for trading between these two unique regions are addressed by a suite of trade services and finance solutions, including:

  • Access to Citi’s wide global trade network and local expertise through its proprietary branch network in over 40 countries in Asia and Latin America.
  • Alternatives to resolve domestic funding constraints through a single window operational gateway which will boast over 3,000 correspondent bank relationships in Asia.
  • Operational efficiencies and financial benefits to facilitate and support the increasing trade flows as their businesses expands into the other region.
  • Integrated solutions that use its state-of-the-art technology platforms, local market trade experts and round-the-clock processing centres in Latin America and Asia to optimise cross-border trade settlement processes, reduce operational costs, and mitigate the risks associated with trade transactions on the other side of the world.

“In Latin America, Citi is among the first to launch solutions specific to the market needs of both Latin America and Asia. Our knowledge and understanding of the fast-paced changes in emerging markets to emerging markets flows allow us to develop best-in-class solutions and value-added propositions that best address these market trends and the needs of both sides of the trade transaction,” said Renato Faria, GTS trade head for Latin America and Mexico.


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