Thomson Reuters Launches CLEAR for Enhanced Due Diligence

Thomson Reuters is launching a new version of CLEAR, its public and proprietary records search product, for corporate enhanced due diligence and security markets. CLEAR for Enhanced Due Diligence helps customers in anti-money laundering (AML) enhanced due diligence and corporate security markets because it brings together key information on people and businesses, reveals material associations between businesses and individuals, and illuminates potential risks, all in one place.

Offering a user-friendly dashboard interface, customers can quickly spot potential risk flags on subjects of interest and their associates. Pulling together unique data streams from sources that include public records, news reports and watch lists, CLEAR allows users to view important and potentially risky associations between businesses and individuals that might otherwise have been missed in a traditional enhanced due diligence investigation.

“Corporate AML and security investigators have told us that they need more efficient tools for flagging risk and conducting proper enhanced due diligence on companies and individuals,” said Andy Russell, vice president, fraud prevention and investigations, Thomson Reuters. “We built CLEAR for Enhanced Due Diligence for exactly these purposes. This product allows customers to get to the vital and relevant data they need, with the speed and clarity demanded by the pace of global business, to make the best, most sound business decisions.”


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