Open Traffic and TAS Group Launch Parking Meter Payment System in Spain

Open Traffic Systems, which has developed the Open Parking System (OPS), and TAS Group, which provides software solutions for electronic money, payment systems and financial markets, have teamed up with La Caixa on a payment system for unattended parking meters in Spain and across the single euro payments area (SEPA).

This scheme is already in production in the municipalities of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Spain) and Bergen op Zoom (The Netherlands). It will soon be extended to three additional countries allowing European citizens access to secure payment of their parking time with credit or debit cards whether via magnetic stripe or EMV chip, either with or without requiring a PIN to validate the transaction.

Put into production by mid-2011, the project allows secure payments with financial or private payment cards at parking points of sales; the transactions are then routed to a single switch and money is transferred to the customer account.

“On-street parking abandons the concept of traditional parking-meters and evolves towards a global solution offering multiple benefits such as cross-border payments. The OPS system confirms its robustness and trustworthiness,” said Celestino Fernandez, general manager of Open Traffic Systems.


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