Mexican Finance Professionals are Optimistic and Ready for Growth

Senior financial and treasury professionals in Mexico are reporting a high level positivity on their company’s performance in the next year. This was the result of a live audience poll of senior treasury and finance professionals during the ‘Treasury Verdict’ session at EuroFinance’s conference on international treasury management for companies in Mexico.

When asked to think about their company’s performance over the next 12 months, a massive 82% of participants replied “optimistic”. Only 2% said they were “pessimistic” and 16% remained “uncertain”. When compared with other polls taken from our recent events, the overall level of optimism in Mexico (82%) is well above that of their counterparts in Canada (62%), China (52%) and Europe (50%), but only a little less optimistic than the Brazilians (85%).

The poll then asked the Mexican companies what they were doing with their spare cash, to which a third (32%) replied said they were expanding or using their cash for merger and acquisition (M&A0 activity.

That makes Mexico one of the most expansion-oriented countries of those polled recently and compares favourably with Brazil where only 12% were planning the same. In Canada the figure was 21%, 19% in South Africa and 14% in India.

Katharine Morton, EuroFinance’s managing editor, said: “Mexican companies provide a refreshing level of vibrancy about the future, which is a marked contrast to countries outside the Latin American region. It’s interesting to see that spare cash is split between growing by acquisition and paying down debts. In the run-up to elections and beyond, the outlook looks positive.”


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