Launches CashView Command and Control System, an integrated bill payment, invoicing and cash management solutions company, has launched CashView, a cash flow command and control system that provides organisations with an entirely new level of insight and control over their finances. CashView is based on’s proprietary, cloud-based accounts payable (A/P) and accounts receivable (A/R) systems to deliver a more powerful method of cash flow management, providing finance leaders with a comprehensive view of their cash forecast and the ability to take immediate action with unprecedented control and precision.

Unlike the cumbersome, error-prone and highly manual spreadsheet-based cash flow management processes that most businesses rely on today, CashView links directly to the users’ key financial sources, including accounting systems, to gather information and populate automatically. Users gain the ability to drill down into invoices, bills, contracts and notes while forecasting cash. Armed with this critical information, they can also easily make adjustments and model their forecasts on-the-fly.

“ CashView marks a major innovation by automatically tying into current financial systems,” said René Lacerte, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of “It enables users to adjust scenarios including cash-in and cash-out in a completely realistic way, and it allows them to gain complete control and insight into their financial situation for better business decision making. The ability to make the right transaction in real time and at the right time is an extremely powerful proposition and one that is just not possible using spreadsheet-based methods.”


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