Basware Launches Cloud-based B2B Platform for E-transactions

Basware, a provider of electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) and purchase-to-pay solutions, has launched Alusta, a cloud-based platform for business-to-business (B2B) transaction collaboration. Alusta provides open, centralised access to all Basware services via a scalable, secure, open collaborative commerce ecosystem for buying and supplying organisations of every size and location.

Basware Alusta is a flexible, new architecture that delivers the benefits of e-invoicing and other electronic document exchange to the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) market. It is designed to bring together Basware’s B2B process knowledge with its intelligent cloud services optimised to ensure easy connectivity with the Open Network, an open B2B transaction network.

By embracing all tasks involved in the buying and selling process between organisations, the Alusta platform removes complexity, reduces cost and increases financial visibility and agility across the financial supply chain. It replaces slow, costly, manual processes with fast, error-free, automated ones within a single cloud-based software and services platform.

Vishal Patel, research director at Ardent Partner, said: “Efficiency, visibility, and usability are the words that come to mind with Basware’s new Alusta platform. The cloud-based solution introduces a mix of sophistication and simplicity to help companies manage and improve their B2B relationships. By combining the new platform with its Open Network, Basware customers have the potential to drive deeper, more collaborative relationships with their trading partners.”


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