Citi Enhances TreasuryVision Global Liquidity Portal

Citi has released TreasuryVision Global Liquidity Portal’s Intercompany Lending Module version 2.0. The new functionality allows clients to manage the intercompany lending process and simplify the tracking and reporting of financial flows between legal entities. It also helps clients control exposures, anticipate interest and tax liabilities and manage workflow and associated documentation – all while aiding compliance with linked internal policies.

Corporate liquidity and funding is a prime focus for global enterprises. A well run intercompany lending programme yields opportunities to leverage internal flows to create greater efficiency and reduce the need for external funding and related costs. With a single repository of all intercompany loans, a client’s treasury can more easily manage withholding tax liabilities and foreign exchange (FX) exposures, plan for dividend repatriation, and reduce the overall risk profile. The new tool enables clients to design a flexible programme that leverages people, processes and technology and incorporate best practices and market expertise.

“The enhancements Citi has made to the Intercompany Lending Module deliver vital new functionality that enable our clients to navigate complex recordkeeping, reporting and policy requirements for their intercompany loans, ensuring better oversight and a reduction in overall risk for their organisation,” said Cindy Gerhard, global product head for liquidity and investments with Citi’s Global Transaction Services (GTS). “This powerful, first-of-its-kind tool expands on the strong capabilities of our award-winning TreasuryVision Global Liquidity Portal, and is indicative of our commitment to working together with our clients to provide the most robust treasury solutions available for them.”


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