Payment Adviser Launches Cloud-based Remittance Application

Payment Adviser, a specialist payments business utility, has launched an adaptable, secure cloud-based payments remittance application, aimed at financial services institutions, business, public sector, vendors and service providers.

By providing the ability to integrate data flows with e-commerce transactions, Payment Adviser has overcome a longstanding limitation that will permit payment originators to transition from less efficient payment mechanisms, such as cheques and electronic payment instruments that deliver remittance data and payments separately.

At the core of this application is the concept of an ‘electronic staple’, which indirectly connects any amount of remittance data to e-commerce instruments at the start of the payment process thereby, removing the need for matching and reconciliation by payees. The electronic staple (<16 characters) is conveyed in the data fields of existing payment systems to provide the payee with the means to access the underlying payment information in the cloud by using web services, a desk top or laptop PC and/or smart mobile device.


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