Collis Unveils New Mobile Security Test Product

The Visa Mobile Specification (VMCPS) test suite from Collis is intended to perform functional testing of the UICC or secure element application on card scheme approved mobile systems from Visa. The secure transaction test product is supposed to give users – whether from the retail, company card scheme or fuel or smart card end of the spectrum – pre-certification certainty, meaning that by complying with the specifications before going through the approval process with Visa International they should not encounter any problems or delays.

The VMCPS test suite contains a total of 670 test cases and verifies the functional behaviour of a mobile payment application and can personalise all necessary card profiles. Scenarios have been designed to allow for the automated execution of test cases without the need for user interaction. The scenarios also foresee the (re)personalisation of the mobile payment application in case it is required by the test cases. The Collis VMCPS test suite shortens the development cycle, claims the manufacturer, and enhances production quality assurance.

According to Berend van Geffen, chief commercial officer (CCO) at Collis: “The new test suite gives smart card and secure element vendors the ability to speed up certification in accordance with Visa’s latest specifications. It also gives them confidence in knowing that the certified mobile payment applications are error-free and tested to the highest standard.”


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