GigaMedia Appoints Dirk Chen as CFO

GigaMedia has appointed Dirk Chen as chief financial officer (CFO). During a 30-year career with Taiwan-based Chailease Finance, Chen served the company in different key roles, including senior advisor, president and CFO, and successfully led several important initiatives. He spearheaded growth in China, tripling the firm’s revenues in that market. Following the 2008 financial crisis, he directed a turnaround team at the firm’s New York operations, developing solutions that contributed to significant improvements in financial performance.

Chen also served as CFO of the publicly listed firm Financial One Corp. in Singapore and is experienced in US GAAP.

Chen has been with GigaMedia as a board member and special advisor since November 2011. He succeeds Quincy Tang, who will assume Chen’s previous role as special advisor to GigaMedia.


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