AMS Selects Earthport to Support International Payroll Services

Active Management Services (ME) (AMS), the global facilities management company, has selected Earthport to provide cross-border payment services. The Earthport service, which is now live, facilitates payroll payments for AMS’s corporate customers. AMS offers corporates the ability to outsource their payroll and account function, allowing them to concentrate on running their core business, which is especially suitable for companies with a global workforce.

“The challenge we faced was ensuring that our clients’ employees got paid on time, every time, irrespective of the combination of where the client headquarters or employee was located. By working with Earthport we are able to receive and transfer international funds much faster and more efficiently than our previous solution, delivering a seamless experience to our customers,” said Iain Morgan, head of international business at AMS. “Strategically, we are now in good shape to grow our business to reach £10m profit within three years and this would not be possible without Earthport’s cost-efficient payment facility.”


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