Atos Launches New Testing Services in Support of SAP Solutions

Atos has launched new testing and acceptance management (TAM) services package for SAP solutions, which it says are designed to accelerate test times and cut engineering costs for treasury clients and other using the common software platform and enterprise resource planning tool (ERP).

The outsourcer and IT services company claims that its TAM services can save up to 40% of the time usually required during the testing phase of a new implementation or upgrade, helping to speed up SAP integration and acceptance projects.

TAM services are based on a business process management approach, claims the vendor, and can facilitate end-to-end traceability. The new launch combines Smartesting technology for automated functional test cases generation and relies upon Atos’ past experience in implementing and testing SAP solutions. TAM services for SAP solutions cover the full range of application lifecycle management procedures, including the key roll-out phase.

EADS is one of the launch customers for Atos’ TAM services and has already used it to help test its SAP solutions. According to Claude Pradal, head of EADS’ eHR operation service centre: “The new Atos services will allow us to build a heritage that includes structured repositories of all our business processes and associated test cases [helping to learn from past experiences].”


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