World First Launches Sage Application for FX Payments

World First, a specialist in foreign exchange (FX), has launched free software which aims to save accounts payable (A/P) staff valuable time by allowing them to make payment runs in foreign currency directly within Sage.

World First Autopay, developed in partnership with Sage Business Partner and Acuity Solutions, is compatible with the Sage 200 and will soon be available for Sage 50. Both accounting platforms are widely used by businesses across the UK. It is estimated that this new application will allow small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK to plan their foreign exchange (FX) payments in a few moments.

Ian Marshall, corporate financial accountant at Crystal Umbrella, said: “I’ve found World First Autopay very easy to use and hugely beneficial. These FX processes usually take hours to finish, and it’s fantastic to have this time freed up to do something else instead. I’m sold.”

Ann Marie Johnson, financial controller at Altered Images, agreed: “The new app makes a very protracted process very simple. I’m very happy to recommend that anyone who uses Sage for FX transactions should download World First Autopay as soon as possible. It’s certainly going to make life easier for my team.”


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