Harps Food Stores Uses ACI to Control Cheque Payment Processing

Harps Food Stores has selected ACI Retail Commerce Server for Cheque Authorisation to automate cheque handling, reduce fraud losses and better manage collections for returned checks. The server authorises cheque transactions at the point-of-sale (POS) to reduce losses due to fraud and insufficient funds, and to improve customer service by authorising cheques from trusted customers without requiring time-consuming identification verification.

It also interfaces with third-party cheque guarantee processors to provide an additional layer of verification if required for unusual customer behaviour. The collections module reduces losses and operational inefficiencies due to returned cheques by automating and streamlining the collection process.

Mike Thurow, vice president, store systems at Harps Food Stores, said: “Cheques can be challenging for retailers – customers still want to use them but we know they can be costly to handle and susceptible to fraud. ACI Retail Commerce Server gives our customers the ability to pay the way they want to, while also cutting our handling costs and protecting us from fraud. The capability and scalability of the ACI solution, combined with ACI’s track record and presence in the retail market, made this a good decision for Harps.”


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