US Commercial Cards: Complex Solutions for a Growing Market

The commercial card market is one of the few remaining sources of profit for financial institutions. Today’s stressful economic climate requires large and mid-sized corporations to streamline operations wherever possible, and commercial card solutions are taking on an enhanced role in this process.

Commercial cards are now being used for a wider array of transactions, and improved data analytics is empowering managers to reduce costs.

Mercator’s report, ‘The US Commercial Card Market: Complex Solutions for a Growing Market’, provides industry participants insights into the market’s competitive landscape, as well as the growth factors influencing the market’s various segments. The report also takes an in depth look at the software solutions available to commercial card programme administrators and highlights the differentiating characteristics of several popular offerings.

Highlights of the report include:

  • Profiles and estimated marketshare of the top commercial card issuers and networks.
  • An analysis of ongoing trends in commercial card spending, including growth projections for the purchasing, travel, and fleet segments through 2015.
  • An investigation of how the needs of corporations are translated into the functionality of programme management solutions.

Michael Misasi, research analyst at Mercator Advisory Group and the author of the report, said: “Commercial cards is a highly complex and intensely competitive market. A few elite names continue to populate the rankings of the largest commercial card issuers. Each issuer’s success during the recent period of economic stress has varied with its degree of concentration in purchasing cards versus corporate T&E [travel and entertainment] cards; volume in the former has continued to exhibit stronger growth than the latter over the last several years.”


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