Blue Earth Appoints Philip Kranenburg, CPA, as CFO

Blue Earth, a clean technology company, has appointed Philip Kranenburg, certified public accountant (CPA), as chief financial officer (CFO). Kranenburg will oversee Blue Earth’s financial growth as the company continues to expand its presence in the multi-billion dollar energy efficiency services and renewable energy sectors of the clean tech industry. He has extensive experience in finance, operations and corporate governance and has been heavily involved in energy companies and projects for the past eight years. He is managing director of the Kranenburg Financial Group with 30 years of experience in technology and finance and expertise as a ‘hands-on’ corporate manager and venture capitalist.

At TerraCycle, an eco-conscious waste management company, Kranenburg was chairman of the board of directors, member of the finance committee and governance committee, and oversaw an increase in revenues from US$1m to US$6.7m in two years – 2011 revenues were US$15m. At Hydrogen Corporation (HYDG), he was a board member and audit committee member, which raised US$25m in funding to implement Westinghouse’s US$150m fuel cell phosphoric acid technology to supply heat and electricity from (proposed) fuel cell plants to potential customers, including electricity providers and chemical plants through direct sales and through a strategic relationship with Samsung.

At Gemplus, (a multi-billion dollar company), Kranenburg managed product lines which generated US$100m in revenues. At Xcert International, he increased revenues significantly, leading to the sale of the company to RSA Security (currently EMC Corporation) for US$67m. At Framdrive, a solid state disc drive company, Kranenburg raised the seed capital and developed its patent portfolio as chief executive officer (CEO)/CFO.

At Shearson Lehman (currently Morgan Stanley Smith Barney), Kranenburg managed extensive portfolios for diverse clientele. While at Price Waterhouse, he was engaged in audit and consulting projects with clients such as Hewlett Packard, Raychem and Fairchild Semiconductor. He earned a BA at Stanford University. He earned his CPA while at Price Waterhouse.


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