Fjordkraft Implements Brady for Energy Pricing and Risk Management

Fjordkraft, a Norwegian retail distribution company, has implemented Brady’s new sales manager solution to support Fjordkraft’s operations for pricing and risk management of end-user contracts. One of the largest end-user businesses in Norway, Fjordkraft is supporting a growing number of Norwegian households and industrial businesses. The company has implemented the latest generation of Brady’s Elviz ETRM product suite to support its retail business. The implementation includes Brady’s Elviz ETRM as well as the Brady Energy Sales Manager.

Brady Energy’s Sales Manager belongs to Brady Energy’s product suite offering, providing a sales support solution for the electricity retail business. It empowers the salesforce through interactive deal configuration, real-time volume profile pricing, using Brady’s real-time forward curves, market price sensitivity visualisation and simplified deal and offer management. The easy-to-use, interactive web interface features a best-case, likely and worst-case cost scenario graph for immediate decision support.


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