Anti-capitalism Protest Provokes Mixed Reaction Among Financial Services Practitioners

A Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) survey has revealed a mixed reaction among financial services practitioners to the anti-capitalism protest outside London’s St Paul’s Cathedral. Of respondents, 27% were either strongly or somewhat sympathetic to protestors’ aims, while 31% were hostile to the campaign. A further 42% said they were unsure of the objectives of the demonstration.

One respondent argued: “The protest is peaceful and I don’t believe people have to have all the answers before they ask questions of society…there is no question that the current economic situation was caused by excessive greed in the financial services industry.”

Another said: “Although the anti-capital slogan is misguided it is possible to have some sympathy. What is missing is a credible alternative. Capitalism has its ups and downs but has served us well over the long term.”

Some contributors criticised the demonstrators for being out of touch with reality. One said: “If they don`t want capitalism then I suggest that they never set foot in a car, building, plane, bus or train and never buy their food from a supermarket or any kind of supply chain.”

Simon Culhane, chartered FCSI and CISI chief executive officer (CEO), said: “These comments show how divided our members are on this particular issue and the importance of discussion and debate in progressing any credible solution.”


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