Esprit Group CFO Chew Fook Aun Resigns

Chew Fook Aun has resigned as executive director and group chief financial officer (CFO) of Esprit, effective on or before 1 June 2012, in order to pursue a career outside the company. His resignation comes after the company announced its Transformation Plan leading up to 2014/15 on 15 September 2011.

The company has now moved into the execution phase. In order to ensure the timely execution of the plan, the company has started regrouping various strategic functions in its business headquarters in Ratingen, Germany and in Europe at large for the duration of the transformation process. This would also require the group CFO to travel extensively to Europe to supervise the implementation of the plan. Chew is unable to spend the required time in Europe in addition to his duties as group CFO in Hong Kong due to personal reasons.


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