Treamo Launches Treasury Finance Monitor

Treamo Business Consulting, a specialist in treasury management consulting and technical solutions, has launched Treasury Finance Monitor (TFM), which is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for group-wide cash flow forecasting and treasury reporting.

Available within the cloud in just a few minutes, TFM offers optimal performance and data security that many companies cannot achieve either with their own resources or at comparable costs. The unconventional user interface has been designed to reflect the needs of all user groups, from officers in subsidiaries and group treasures to the chief financial officer (CFO).

“Financial reporting and cash flow forecasting tend to be dull, very serious issues, particularly at times like these. Our aim with TFM is to demonstrate that a system can have a no-nonsense approach and yet still be user-friendly,” explained Martin Sadleder, managing director of Treamo. “TFM helps to reduce the time inputs for data capturing, allowing users to invest the time saved in more important matters – in the quality and plausibility of data as well as in playing through various scenarios. Cash flow forecasting is not a question of defining specific targets but more a matter of defining reliable corridors.”

TFM is suitable for all corporates with a group-like structure, from small groups of companies to major multinationals, irrespective of the relevant industrial sector. Due to its extremely simple implementation in technical terms, TFM is also aimed at markets beyond the core Germany-speaking (DACH) region.


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