3V Finance Unveils Software for Asset Managers and a Treasury Web Service

3V Finance, a software and service company dedicated to corporate treasurers, has unveiled new range of products and services. Titan Treasury, the flagship modular software platform solution, now has a new module for asset managers, covering bonds, equities and investment funds. A pension fund and a regional bank are already implementing with success in France.

3V Finance’s chief executive office (CEO), Alexis Paulet, said: “Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of companies from SMEs [small and medium-sized enterprises] to large multinational organisations across all industry sectors. Adding this asset management module will help organisations that are more traditionally investing in assets better than managing debt. This is the case for some corporate companies, mostly through investment funds but of course for all the insurance and retirement companies sector, independent asset managers, family offices and regional banks. Now we propose pricing, valuation, risk analysis and reporting for all asset types and their derivatives in one tool with any third party interfaces.”

The other announcement concerns Treasury Web Report, a web-based solution for small organisations. “We had demand for a fully externalised service,” said Franck Brision, 3V Finance’s sales director, “Many treasurers need to reduce complicated spreadsheets use but they usually do not want to implement a TMS where you have to deal with IT teams and market data. With this new offer, we manage everything at 3V Finance for the treasurer and he can follow positions, daily valuations and custom risk reports through his web browser. Price is very reasonable and application has been designed for iPad too, so you can bring your treasury everywhere.”

A Geneva-based corporate with worldwide subsidiaries has already taken this service to follow currency and interest rates risks.


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