E-global Selects Inetco Insight for Business Transaction Management

E-global, Mexico’s largest electronic payment processor, has purchased Inetco Insight business transaction management software to manage its expanding payment operations. E-global provides switching and card processing services for large merchant retailers and major banks in Mexico, including BBVA Bancomer and Citibank’s Banamex Mexico.

The company will use Inetco Insight to continuously monitor transaction flows across a growing number of connections out to banks and large retail merchants. Inetco Insight will alert to connection issues in real time, and provide the systems-wide transaction intelligence E-global needs to quickly respond to performance irregularities such as too many transaction rejections from one of the banks, or unusually slow transaction response times.

“Inetco Insight will help E-global deliver a competitive edge to banks through highly efficient technology,” said Arturo López, chief information officer (CIO) from E-global. “Instant access to intelligence on all of our transaction messages and our bank and merchant connections will lead to faster problem isolation and improved customer reliability without our IT team having to spend hours correlating fragmented data gathered from multiple platforms, monitoring tools and applications.”


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