SunGard Launches Social Media-enabled Mobile Banking Platform

SunGard has launched Ambit MyMoney, an integrated online and mobile banking platform, to help banks capitalise on the increasing global adoption of ‘smart’ mobile devices by creating a consistent and customisable mobile banking experience. The new solution helps banks provide online and mobile banking services to retail and business customers via the web, mobile phone and tablet computer.

Ambit MyMoney includes out-of-the-box integration to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and offers greater social visibility for banks through a feature that allows customers ‘follow’ via the bank’s own Facebook and Twitter sites. Customers can also ‘like’ the bank’s products and services, and choose to receive alerts and notifications via these channels, thereby extending bank-to-customer communication beyond existing SMS or email channels.

The solution’s personal financial management (PFM) tools help bank customers share financial savings goals via social media with selected friend groups. The tools also include modules for secure feedback and a centralised message centre that is accessible across all channels.

The platform provides retail customers online and mobile access to a broad set of secure financial and non-financial transactions, all of which integrate in real time to the bank’s transactional and operational systems. For business customers, Ambit MyMoney’s cash management capabilities can help them better track and manage their finances.


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