Chase and BA Unveil Card with EMV Chip-with-signature Technology

Chase Card Services, a division of JPMorgan Chase and British Airways (BA) has announced that EMV chip-with-signature technology is now available on the British Airways Visa card. The card features a microchip as well as a traditional magnetic strip to accommodate merchants in the US. The embedded microchip makes the card extremely difficult to copy, because the encrypted chip enables safer processing and storage of data. Chip technology is the gold standard in Europe, Canada, and regions of Africa and Asia, among other geographies.

The British Airways Visa card does not charge foreign transaction fees, delivering up to 3% savings on international purchases. The BA chip-with-signature credit card can be used everywhere traditional magnetic strip cards are accepted in the US and in more than 130 countries abroad where chip technology is implemented.
The announcement also marks the third credit card in the Chase portfolio and the first airline co-brand card to offer EMV chip-with-signature technology.


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