Redha Al-Ansari Exchange Selects Luup to Deliver Mobile Services

Redha Al-Ansari Exchange, a United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) exchange house network that provide remittance and foreign exchange (FX) services, has selected Luup’s universal mobile payment platform to enable its services to be delivered through the mobile handset. The partnership will enable Redha Al-Ansari Exchange to offer quicker, secure and more convenient services to its customers.

Luup has previously announced partnerships with several money transfer organisations in the Middle East and southeast Asia. Adding Redha Al-Ansari Exchange extends the mobile remittance infrastructure and will bring benefits to hundreds of thousands of workers in the UAE and beyond. Users, who are mostly migrant expatriate workers, will be able to send money home easily and safely and in real time. Workers are predominantly from Asia, with 60% from India and large contingents also from Bangladesh and Pakistan.


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