LCH.Clearnet Launches Clearing for Turquoise

LCH.Clearnet, an independent clearing house, has launched interoperable clearing across 17 countries for Turquoise, the independent pan-European equity trading platform. Turquoise was established in 2008 to engender greater competition in the secondary trading of European equities, and offers a combination of innovative services, superior technology and competitive pricing.

In 2003, LCH.Clearnet led the way with clearing house interoperability by successfully implementing and operating a clearing service for SIX Swiss Exchange (formerly virt-x) with SIX x-clear (formerly SIS x-clear).

Wayne Eagle, executive director equity services said: “The introduction of interoperable clearing for Turquoise is a truly positive development for the European equities market. Choice of clearer allows customers to select the clearing house that best meets their requirements and results in lower costs and greater efficiencies.”


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