ICD Launches MMF Trading and Risk Management Portal

ICD has launched ICD Portal, its next generation institutional money market fund (MMF) trading and risk management platform. The company is rolling out the platform internationally for corporate clients spanning 25 countries featuring MMFs denominated in six major currencies.

The internet-based ICD Portal delivers portfolio diversification, exposure analytics, compliance management, portfolio optimisation and dynamic reporting. Key to the portal system is its customisable open architecture that is designed to rapidly integrate with treasury management systems (TMS), treasury workstations (TWS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and other treasury technologies.

The ICD Portal also features Sestus multifactor user authentication security, SWIFT messaging, Verisign, ICD’s expandable Trade Ticket system, investment policy monitoring, on-demand reporting and archival publishing.

ICD’s technology group developed the portal with the goal of deeply integrating its Transparency Plus exposure analytics application into every operational dimension of ICD’s new trading and risk management system. ICD then teamed up with Treasury Strategies in developing investment guideline parameters and ranges for compliance and policy management.


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