FIME Enhances GlobalPlatform Qualification Status and Offering

FIME has extended its GlobalPlatform qualified test tool to validate the compliance of secure chips to the new GlobalPlatform basic financial configuration. FIME has also announced that its Asian laboratory has achieved GlobalPlatform qualification to certify products.

Card manufacturers and other interested parties are additionally able to purchase and use the tool independently to test a product’s adherence to GlobalPlatform’s Specifications prior to official certification. In addition to certifying products to the GlobalPlatform basic financial configuration, FIME is already qualified to test a card product’s compliance to the GlobalPlatform UICC configuration for the mobile sector.

GlobalPlatform – the organisation which standardises the management of applications on secure chip technology – launched its compliance programme in early 2011 to increase market confidence and encourage stability within the secure chip ecosystem. It has created this new element to its compliance programme to confirm that a card product operates within the payment landscape as agreed and expected by the industry. Abiding to GlobalPlatform Specifications will deliver long-term market interoperability, which is important as more and more applications reside on a single secure chip.


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