Air Berlin Issues Third Bond in Bondm Segment

Air Berlin is to issue a further bond in Boerse Stuttgart’s Bondm trading segment, meaning investors will have the opportunity to subscribe to the airline’s corporate bond issue starting on 26 October 2011. The bond issue initially has a volume of up to €100m and can be topped up by up to €50m. The bond matures in 2014 and has a coupon of 11.5%. Private investors can purchase bonds directly through their house bank by sending a buy order to Boerse Stuttgart. The issue is denominated in nominal units of €1,000.

Air Berlin is the twelfth corporate bond to be admitted to Boerse Stuttgart’s Bondm trading segment this year. The subscription period for the Air Berlin issue via the Bondm subscription box runs from 26 to 28 October 2011, but may end early if the issue is oversubscribed. After the subscription period, the bond will be admitted to Boerse Stuttgart’s Bondm segment and regular trading on 1 November 2011 presumably.

Since the launch of Bondm in May 2010 Boerse Stuttgart has admitted corporate bonds with a total volume of more than €1.3bn to the segment for medium-sized enterprises.


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