Arab Spring "Positive for Economy" by 2014

At the first HSBC Middle East and north Africa (MENA) global banking and markets leadership forum, 62% of the region’s most senior business leaders stated that the impact of the ‘Arab Spring’ would be positive, when viewed over a three-year horizon, supporting HSBC’s view that the region will continue to play a key role on the global stage.

Despite this, only 28% of respondents were planning to invest in MENA, with the vast majority (45%) looking to invest in Asia. However, when questioned on asset class investment, only 11% where planning to put money into the stock market, against 19% who were looking at gold and 36% real estate.

The forum, held in October in Dubai, brought together over 200 of the MENA regions most successful business leaders in order to discuss the outlook for the MENA region. Following an address by Nouriel Roubini, the world famous economist, attendees interacted with focused panel discussions on project finance, risk management, family governance, capital financing and entrepreneurship.


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