CSI and WorldPay Launch Payment Solution for IBM WebSphere Commerce

WorldPay, a payment service provider, has teamed up with CSI, a UK multi-channel solution providers, to create a new payment plug-in for IBM WebSphere Commerce, an e-commerce platform.

IBM WebSphere Commerce is designed to give retailers access to an extensive library of pre-built capabilities and integrations, dramatically reducing the complexity of using disparate e-commerce technologies. WorldPay has now joined the community of leading third party technologies to offer a suitable payment solution that decreases the time normally required to implement an eCommerce system and help reduce costs for retailers.

Gabriel Hopkins, head of e-commerce products at WorldPay, said: “Joining the IBM WebSphere Commerce community is a great opportunity for WorldPay. We are excited to be part of IBM WebSphere Commerce’s rich and unique e-commerce platform, which we have seen increase in popularity with retailers looking to upgrade existing solutions or build an online trading platform for the first time.”


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